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     The mission of the Williamsport Business Association, a 501(c)(6) Non-Profit incorporated organization, is to
recruit, retain and expand quality businesses while promoting the enhancement and growth of Williamsport businesses and to serve as a liaison between city businesses & city administration.

     The Williamsport Business Association proudly serves both its members and the community. We are businesses working together toward a common goal of shared prosperity, committed to playing a lead role in the ongoing renaissance of downtown Williamsport, and dedicated to supporting the success of our local businesses.
     In addition to serving its membership with helpful services, programs, and networking opportunities, the Williamsport Business Association is deeply committed to the community, and is the co-host of our city's monthly First Friday Arts Celebration, when the streets of downtown Williamsport are filled with art, music, artisan crafts, live entertainment, family fun, and more.
     The Williamsport Business Association also plays an active role in helping to coordinate many downtown Williamsport events such as the 'Williamsport Welcomes The World' parade (and other events during the annual Little League World Series), as well our annual Mardi Gras celebration, St. Patrick's Day Parade, Oktoberfest festivities, and more.

The Williamsport Business Association Board of Directors and Officers

  Bernie Katz, Le Chocolat (President)
  Joel B. Vincent, Vinsense Development (Vice-President)
  Jillian Ibbs, Larson Design Group
  Jonathan Butterfield, Attorney

  Carla Fisher, Community Arts Center
  Robert Koch, Bullfrog Brewery
  Ronald Lassiter II, Affiniton, LLC
  Bill Nichols, River Valley Transit
  Betsy Rider, Otto Bookstore
  Robert Swoyer, PNC Bank

  Laura Templeton, Rettew Associates
  Patrick Cummings, Williamsport Web
  Barbara Weiss, AccuTax (Treasurer)

  Elliot B. Weiss, Attorney